• One of the first signs of your yard shaking off the cloak of winter is the sudden burst of growth from your grass. Warmer weather and rain make grass blades shoot up so fast that you can almost watch your lawn grow. When you experience this vigorous new growth, it’s a good time to give your lawn a scalping. That time would be right now in Columbus Georgia with the rising temperatures that we are currently experiencing.


    Lawn scalping refers to cutting your grass at a low level, so low that you expose the stems of your grass blades. Scalping helps clear away any winter debris from your lawn and exposes the soil to more sunlight, it may also alert you that it may be time to dethatch your lawn if you have a thick thatch layer at the soil base. This extra sunlight helps warm the soil. Scalping is also beneficial if you have an uneven lawn, since the short turf makes it easier to see and fill in your yard’s problem areas. By scalping your lawn now, you give your grass the rest of spring to experience healthy recovery and growth.


    Extreme Turf Lawn Care has all the tools needed to properly scalp your yard including Walker Mowers, reel mowers, and dethatchers. If you are interested in this service please give us a call at 706-309-0381 or fill out a contact form.

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